Public Speaking

“ I was looking for a speaker who could connect with college students by way of personal and professional experience. Jessica more than fulfilled what I hoped to accomplish! Her presentation on body image and eating disorders was engaging and enlightening, and she didn’t throw a bunch of statistics at the audience!”
Gwynne Saul- Health Educator

“Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Jessica Setnick speak to a group of moms at a luncheon. Not only is she a wealth of information as an eating disorder expert as she shares her own personal story, but she has wonderful insight into helping parents ask the question “why” as it relates to food. I loved how Jessica sat right down with the moms and just started sharing information. She makes you feel comfortable to ask any question, and her quick wit makes these serious issues become not so insurmountable. I highly recommend Jessica. She is funny, knowledgeable, insightful, and most of all she’s real.”
Kelley Wismer, Parent

Thank you for the wonderful webinar you provided to our students last week. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the students; we really enjoyed visiting with you! Thank you for the informative, useful information.
Amy R. Shows, PhD, RD, LD
Chair and Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences Dept

"Mesmerizing pace, striking video clips, resolute and concrete observations describe Jessica's captivating presentation. She is really effective because she offers relief to her audience, instead of guilt."
Sorority Chapter Adviser

"Excellent, charismatic, stimulating speaker. One of the best nutrition seminars I've attended." Registered Dietitian
"You are a one of a kind presenter! Phenomenal."
Maggie Bava

"We are a tough audience and you had us in the palm of your hand!"
College Student

"We learned more from you in 3 hours than in a full semester eating disorders class."
College Student

"Excellent, charismatic, stimulating speaker. One of the best seminars I've attended."

"Jessica has a gift for public speaking and imparting information in a way that I feel I can walk away and use it immediately."

Jessica Setnick is known around the globe as a nutrition expert with a sense of humor. The practical ideas she proposes and the hilarious way she presents them have endeared her to community and professional audiences alike.

Jessica conveys authority without judgment and analysis without disapproval, allowing listeners to reflect on and laugh at their own imperfections. With lighthearted lessons on serious subjects, Jessica conveys that the eating and weight problems we face have roots in our past, but the power to change is very much in our present. As she says, “Small changes are the heart of any revolutionů as long as we change the things that really matter.”

Because of her accessibility and easy manner, Jessica’s fans may forget that she has an extensive education. It is her background in human behavior (she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from The University of Pennsylvania) combined with her expertise in dysfunctional and disordered eating (she is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree and writes books and articles about eating disorders) that have led to her unique ability to see what others miss.

After treating thousands of patients in the hospital and out, Jessica has adapted and fine-tuned her nutrition counseling into a teachable method that works for patients labeled "difficult," "unwilling," and "non-compliant." She trains dietitians to use her “Universal Precautions” to identify the underlying issues influencing patients’ eating. She bases her presentations on the latest research into human brain function, decision-making, motivation and personality, but she slips it into her stories so that listeners can relate.

Jessica will wow your audience with straightforward facts, her unorthodox point of view, and most of all, her message of hope that even thinking different thoughts about eating is a step in the right direction. Her insight into why our patients make the choices they do and her knack for teaching us to help them change is what sets Jessica apart from other eating pros who simply tell us what we already know.

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