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Eating Disorders Nutrition Counseling Training DVD

Eating Disorders Nutrition Counseling Training DVD

For the first time on DVD, Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian

Supervisor Jessica Setnick opens her office doors to show you

 the strategies she teaches her trainees, demonstrates at

 Eating Disorders Boot Camp and uses with her own patients.

There is no better way to enhance your skills

than to watch an expert in action.

Licensed for both individual and classroom use, this DVD contains:

“The Dietitian’s Role in Treating Eating Disorders”

An auto-play PowerPoint presentation narrated by Jessica and

suitable for viewing on a computer or DVD player.

Eating Disorder Nutrition Counseling Simulations

Jessica counsels mock patients demonstrating The Universal Precautions for Dietitians;

a thorough yet compassionate assessment of a patient with an eating disorder;

appropriate responses and recommendations for emotional eating triggers, binge eating, skipping meals, compensatory measures and other dysfunctional behaviors;

and recommending mental health care to a reluctant patient.


Printable handouts of “The Dietitian’s Role in Treating Eating Disorders” PowerPoint slides, sample eating disorder assessment documentation form and follow-up form, and sample PES statements for various eating disorders.

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