"I keep coming back because Jessica just overflows with authenticity."

-Three-time Boot Camp attendee

"I've loved utilizing new ideas, thoughts and resources from Eating Disorders Boot Camp."

-Pediatric Dietitian

"Listening to Eating Disorders Boot Camp has helped me to be a better dietitian. I really appreciate Jessica's skill! I think of Jessica and Eating Disorders Boot Camp so often because she's given me SO many tools that I use every day!! Eating Disorders Boot Camp has planted so many seeds. Jessica is the Johnny Appleseed of eating disorder dietitians.  I LOVED Eating Disorders Boot Camp! It opened up my eyes to moving toward this work in a HUGE way!"

-Eating Disorders Bootcamp Purchaser

"It is a worthwhile investment that will keep on giving. You'll have recordings, tools, handouts, and resources that you will use again and again. In my practice, I have greatly benefited from the visual aids and graphic models that Jessica so generously shares which help our clients conceptualize recovery. These have really helped generate “light bulb” moments where clients “get it”. Everyone can benefit - new and seasoned clinicians. I highly recommend it!"

-CEDRD-S and Boot Camp three-peater

"I use the knowledge I gained from Eating Disorders Boot Camp regularly and am so appreciative of all I learned."


"Eating Disorders Boot Camp is amazing. So helpful. I listen to it over and over again.  You've made a huge difference for so many, including me. Thank you for being an important part of my growth."

-Two-time Boot Camp attendee

"Eating Disorders Boot Camp helps so many dietitians help so many more people."


"The only way this could be better is if it were three days long and in Maui! Loved it. Truly helpful.Engaging and warm.Absolutely wonderful! I have attended 2 of Jessica Setnick's Boot Camps over the years and they were worth every penny. I highly recommend!"


"I feel so much more confident in my work and have so many new tools to use with my athletes. I can't wait to recommend Eating Disorders Boot Camp to others!"

-College Sports Dietitian

"I'm working my way through the ED Bootcamp and have absolutely been loving it. I've already been able to apply some of what I've been learning from you in my patient care!"

-Eating Disorder Treatment Center Dietitian

"I've listened to Boot Camp on the way to work many times and refer to the resources OFTEN!! Your support and insight into what are profession needs is awesome and much needed! I love your authenticity"

-Hospital Dietitian

"Your expertise and resources have continued to be such valuable parts to my professional growth. Eating Disorders Boot Camp started it all! Eating Disorders Boot Camp stands out because you share your knowledge in a way that inspires and builds other dietitians up.  I've listened [to Eating Disorders Boot Camp] on the way to work many times & refer to the resources OFTEN! I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom you shared in this workshop.  Your insights and presentation skills in this course are such a gift. Eating Disorders Boot Camp is even more amazing than everyone says! Both Boot Camps were such inspiring, enlightening experiences for me"

-Two-time attendee

"I'm very grateful for the information you've shared. Eating Disorders Boot Camp is such a valuable resource for RDs."

-General Private Practice Dietitian

"Thank you SO much for the fabulous information, advice, and resources you provided in Eating Disorders Boot Camp. Amazing!"


"I learned SO much from Eating Disorders Boot Camp and Jessica's sense of humor made it even better. Eating Disorders Boot Camp was so productive - I learned so much and am ready for more! Jessica is so entertaining, informative and knowledgeable. I never even looked at the clock! Jessica is such a leader in our field. Her insight along with all the resources are priceless!"

-Eating Disorder Program Director

"I have listened to Boot Camp a dozen times on repeat. Every time I learn something new. Thank you so much for the work you have done, the vision you hold and the inspriation you pass on every day (maybe without knowing it)."

-Eating Disorders Bootcamp Purchaser

"I love the Eating Disorder Boot Camp handouts!!!"