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Basic Economy CEDRD Supervision & Coaching Package

12 Duo Sessions and 12 Group Sessions.

  • Year 1: once-a-month hour-long duo supervision sessions (bring your own colleague or I’ll match you with another supervisee) by phone or video
  • Year 2: once-a-month hour-long group supervision sessions

Your cost: $3000 (Billed Monthly | $125 per month)

Included at no extra charge: The Eating Disorders Boot Camp Ultimate Training Package

I will also help you with your application to become a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and staying on top of all the updates and details.

To sign-up, add this item to your shopping cart and complete the online billing / checkout process. If you would like to pay for your package using a different method tither than credit card, debit card or paypal or prefer a direct billing invoice sent to your company or facility, please contact Celena at Celena@UnderstandingNutrition.com.

In addition to the 24 supervised hours that are required for your CEDRD, this package with Jessica Setnick* also includes the Eating Disorders Bootcamp Ultimate package:

This Eating Disorders Boot Camp Package is the ultimate eating disorders training that bring you the foundational and advanced information you need to work competently with individuals with eating disorders and related problems. It's an unbelievable value even at twice the price, because you get all of these things:

1. The Original Jessica Setnick's Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Basic Training. This is the gold-standard, 10-hour workshop (often imitated, never duplicated!) that has introduced over two thousand dietitians to identifying, assessing and treating individuals with eating disorders and related issues in every patient population.  With authenticity, compassion, and personal stories from decades in practice, Jessica shares tips and techniques that you'll learn, love, and listen to again and again. Topics include:

  • Universal Precautions for Dietitians
  • Eating Disorder Diagnoses - When They Are and Aren't Important
  • Structuring Initial and Follow-up Sessions
  • Starting and Advancing Meal Plans and Other Nutrition Recommendations
  • Parameters for Goal Weights and Physical Activity
  • Strategies to Stop Purging
  • Roles Within a Treatment Team
  • Behavior Change Tools
  • Food Rules and Records
  • Automatic and Alternative Thoughts
  • Medical Issues and Complications
  • Guidelines for Higher Levels of Care
  • Making Referrals to Other Professionals
  • When Your Patient Disagrees with You
  • Strong Feelings - Yours and Your Patient's
  • Personality Disorders
  • Working with Children and Families
  • How DSM-5 Changed the Field
  • How to Know You're Staying in Your Scope of Practice 
  • Separating Food and Feelings
  • Legalizing Food
  • Empty Feelings Besides Hunger 
  • The Traffic Light Method of Handling Feelings
  • The Fat Funnel
  • Deactivating The Domino Chain of Problem Behavior
  • Spot the Different Types of Binge Eating
  • Benefits of Eating Disorders and Fears of Change
  • Separating Food and Feelings
  • Translating Fat Thoughts
  • The Apple Test

and many, many more.

2. The second workshop, Advanced Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Special Forces Training, when Jessica invited four amazing experts to share their expertise about their specialty areas. This is the only workshop we know of that covers these four crossover topics and their interacting relationships with eating disorders:

  • Addictions with Mark Bird
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy with Beau Nelson
  • Endocrinology with Marilyn Cox
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with Kim Rockwell-Evans

The handouts alone from this workshop are priceless and aren't available anywhere else.

3. The newest workshop, Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Next Generation, where Jessica covers these up-to-the-moment topics:

  • The Best Way to Hold Your Boundaries
  • When Family Members Disagree with Your Recommendations
  • When A Patient’s Condition Isn’t Improving
  • What Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder Really Means
  • How Can Healthy Eating Be Bad? Understanding Orthorexia
  • How to Respond to Anosognosia
  • Navigating Treatment Team Communication Problems
  • The Origins of Dysfunctional Eating Behaviors and Why They Matter
  • Keeping Your Cool During Challenging Conversations
  • Is It Restriction or Just Food Preferences?
  • Predicting Problem Behaviors Before they Happen
  • De-fusing Thoughts from Reality
  • The Missing Steps in Prochaska's Change Process
  • The Separating Food and Feelings Meal Process
  • The Three Stages and Seven Steps of Nutrition Rehabilitation
  • Four Types of Binge Eating
  • Secrets of Night Eating Syndrome
  • Spin a Lapse into Continued Recovery
  • How to Replace Toxic Shame with Regret
  • Avoid Waterfalls with the Bullseye Model 

Other topics too numerous to mention, plus Jessica's answers to case questions from the group.

These three workshops are all mp3s that you can either stream online or download to your computer or phone and listen to as many times as you want.

You also get:

4. All slides and handouts from the original presentations in pdf format. You can follow along online while you listen, print hard copies to keep, or save to your computer for future reference. All patient education handouts are in pdf form with permission to print an unlimited number of times for use in your practice. 

5. Eating Disorder Nutrition Counseling Training Videos featuring Jessica mock counseling her summer interns, demonstrating different situations and scenarios.

6. A 30-minute phone or video call with Jessica. (YES, really!) We don't know of any other online eating disorder course that includes a live call with the speaker. This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss your current professional and patient situations with Jessica. (Don't worry, she's really nice. But if you really don't want to, this call is only required if you are a CDR-credentialed practitioner and wish to receive CEUs.)

7. A certificate of completion and 34 Pre-approved Continuing Professional Education Units for CDR-credentialed professionals (RDNs and DTRs).

This is the first time all of this audio, video, information and support has ever been included in one package, for less than the cost of purchasing them individually and much less than traveling to a conference where you hope the things you want to know will be covered.

The Ultimate Eating Disorders Training for Dietitians Package also includes copies of every one of Jessica's books (even the one that isn't published yet!)

8. The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide: Quick Reference for Healthcare Providers, Second Edition. This tiny but mighty spiral-bound powerhouse is known around the world for easy-to-find and essential information like diagnostic codes and criteria, assessment questions for each type of behavior, lists of acronyms, and so much more. 

9. The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders, Second Edition.  Structured around the Nutrition Care Model, this book has A to Z all the evidence-based and practical guidelines to what we know and what we don't know yet about eating disorder nutrition counseling, including drug-nutrient interactions, PES statements, interpretation of lab values, and on and on and on.

10. The Counseling Dietitian's Big Book of Answers: The Cure for the Questions that Keep You Up at Night. This is Jessica's long-awaited compilation of actual questions from dietitians she's received over the years and her straight-forward, comforting (and sometimes surprising!) answers. You'll be one of the first to receive a copy as soon as it's complete.

11. A Dietitian's Guide to Professional Speaking: Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid. No, this isn't an eating disorders book. But Jessica believes that every dietitian has something important to say and wants to help lift up your voice, whether in your community or across the planet. 

12. The Eating Disorders Book of Hope and Healing: Advice for Anyone Who Eats. Jessica's very first "book," this pack of supportive mini-cards is the perfect pocket-sized support partner for you or someone you know. It's also a great conversation starter for a support group or nutrition group you lead.

*Please note that Jessica Setnick’s CEDRD Supervision Packages are not affiliated with iaedp beyond the fact that Jessica is an iaedp-approved Supervisor, and supervision with Jessica Setnick does not guarantee acceptance of your CEDRD application.

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