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Jessica Setnick
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The most comprehensive eating disorders training package.

The Eating Disorders Boot Camp Package is an on-demand, online eating disorder workshop that brings you the foundational and advanced information you need to work competently with individuals with eating disorders and related problems.


Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid!

The dietitian book that has everybody talking… literally! Whether you’re an experienced dietitian presenter or just starting out, you’ll appreciate the incredible wealth of dietitian trainer information, professional insight and tips!

What our client's say about Understanding Nutrition...
Your practical tips and the real life experiences shared in your presentation were simply wonderful.
Bless you smart lady for sharing your brilliance with us all.
You always give the best advice/feedback. AMAZING
I could sleep last night because of you! Thanks for fitting me in.
I've listened to Boot Camp on the way to work many times and refer to the resources OFTEN!! Your support and insight into what are profession needs is awesome and much needed! I love your authenticity
Thank you for encouraging me and all your help – I don't think it would have been possible without you.
I appreciate that I can be human with you!
You absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark and the evaluations reflect that
I love the Eating Disorder Boot Camp handouts!!!
I wouldn't be where I am today without the Eating Disorder Clinical Pocket Guide and Jessica as a supervisor.
I love the book! I've got written notes and pages flagged throughout. (On page 74, I wrote 'this is gold!'). At first I thought this is valuable for any profession. But then reading it, I see how specific (and important) it is to dietitians because you know our profession. It is a must-have for all dietitians.
Jessica's amazing in the way she relates to a wide range of people on campus, from students to staff. Her energy, passion and knowledge creates a perfect package
Eating Disorders Boot Camp helps so many dietitians help so many more people.
The only way this could be better is if it were three days long and in Maui! Loved it. Truly helpful.Engaging and warm.Absolutely wonderful! I have attended 2 of Jessica Setnick's Boot Camps over the years and they were worth every penny. I highly recommend!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful support, an inspiration and an ally throughout this process.
Learning so much from the first 2 sessions! Still lacking confidence in my abilities with this population but I'm pushing past my fear and moving forward. Thanks for you help!
Supervision has helped me trust my clinical judgement MUCH more.
Supervision with Jessica is enjoyable, supportive, creative and very warm. She creates an environment where you feel willing to share your toughest cases and your uncertainties and helps you feel better.
Thank you for being there when I panicked. I listened to you and you made me smile, laugh, and feel like the RD I know I am. I'm so grateful.
Search no more! The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide offers the solution to your quest for information for your patients with eating disorders.
My client said in session "I just feel like I don't deserve to eat..." and I was thinking YES I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE READY FOR THIS COMMENT IN MY LIFE! I pulled out all the ACT, opposite action, and "also" statements. What ironic timing. Such a helpful session today thank you again!
I was so excited to see that you would be presenting on speaking - it's honestly the main reason why I went to the conference. You got be ready to get back into the speaking world. I actually just submitted a proposal. I feel like it's time to break through the BS and reclaim my speaking power!
Jessica's advice is always practical, on-target, and thought-provoking. Supervision sessions not only help me with the specific issue I bring up, they enable me to make better decisions and provide improved services in general.
It is a worthwhile investment that will keep on giving. You'll have recordings, tools, handouts, and resources that you will use again and again. In my practice, I have greatly benefited from the visual aids and graphic models that Jessica so generously shares which help our clients conceptualize recovery. These have really helped generate “light bulb” moments where clients “get it”. Everyone can benefit - new and seasoned clinicians. I highly recommend it!
That is the best answer I've ever heard to that question
Jessica was the most popular speaker this year. Everyone enjoyed what she taught. I know I did.
Supervision with Jessica has without question influenced the quality of my work in addition to how to operate my practice. Her consultation on complex cases has continually increased my confidence, too.
I find myself hearing your voice in my head often. It's being put to good use. You really provided me with the training and ability to think through difficult situations.
Beyond grateful and lucky to be supervised by Jessica. Her schedule is flexible and she takes the time to listen and provide guidance. It never feels rushed which is so nice. I'm more confident in my work and it's great knowing I have Jessica's support.