Advanced Speaker Coaching - Make More Money Speaking

Get paid what you're worth with individual speaker coaching from Jessica Setnick.
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The Advanced Speaker Coaching Package: Make More Money Speaking is for you if:

  • You're comfortable on stage or speaking online,
  • You have one or more topics of expertise,
  • You have speaking experience and get great feedback,
  • You want to make more money speaking.

The Advanced Speaker Coaching Package includes:

1.       A one-hour Zoom meeting for Jessica to learn about your speaking skills, experience and goals.

2.     Materials Review & Website Audit – Jessica will take a deep dive into your current marketing materials, presentations and products. She'll watch any presentation recordings you have, look at your one-sheet, your website, your pitch emails, your past proposals... plus books, articles and other things you've written... anything and everything to learn about you and what you stand for.

3.      Platform & Strategy Creation – Where the magic happens! Jessica will craft your Unique Speaking Platform that sets you apart from any other speaker and makes you utterly irreplaceable. She'll put together a website structure, one-sheet model, fee structure and strategic plan to get you onto more stages for more money. Plus ideas for passive income products, marketing methods and best bets for finding more gigs.

4.     Action Report - A two-hour Zoom with written report to review Jessica’s findings and recommendations for all of the above plus next steps in your speaking journey. Ask questions, discuss, and afterward you'll get a full transcript of the call.

5.   A spot in the soon-to-be launched DietitianSpeakers speakers bureau.

6.   A discount on future a la carte Speaker Coaching Sessions to assist you with contract review, conference proposals, pitching, and fee negotiations for specific speaking opportunities.

Cost: $3500

Once purchased, Celena will contact you to schedule your sessions. For payment plans or to pay with check, please contact Celena at [email protected].