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The most comprehensive eating disorders training package.

The Eating Disorders Boot Camp Package is an on-demand, online eating disorder workshop that brings you the foundational and advanced information you need to work competently with individuals with eating disorders and related problems.


Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid!

The dietitian book that has everybody talking… literally! Whether you’re an experienced dietitian presenter or just starting out, you’ll appreciate the incredible wealth of dietitian trainer information, professional insight and tips!

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Remind me not to crop my face so close 😂

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How do you lead Nutrition Group when upsetting news and current events a...

Posted: 5 months ago

Posted: 5 months ago
What our client's say about Understanding Nutrition...
The only way this could be better is if it were three days long and in Maui! Loved it. Truly helpful.Engaging and warm.Absolutely wonderful! I have attended 2 of Jessica Setnick's Boot Camps over the years and they were worth every penny. I highly recommend!
I've loved utilizing new ideas, thoughts and resources from Eating Disorders Boot Camp.
I love the Eating Disorder Boot Camp handouts!!!
I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance. It's been a great journey and I'm so excited to continue in the field.
Supervision with Jessica is enjoyable, supportive, creative and very warm. She creates an environment where you feel willing to share your toughest cases and your uncertainties and helps you feel better.
An amazing public speaker. A great speaker. One in a million.
I appreciate that I can be human with you!
You've really help me stop personalizing things about clients and other professionals.
Thank you for encouraging me and all your help – I don't think it would have been possible without you.
I have listened to Boot Camp a dozen times on repeat. Every time I learn something new. Thank you so much for the work you have done, the vision you hold and the inspriation you pass on every day (maybe without knowing it).
Your practical tips and the real life experiences shared in your presentation were simply wonderful.
I've gained a lot of perspective, knowledge and confidence during our supervision time together, thank you!
You trained at least one and probably both of the dietitians who helped me get well, and it's amazing to be living my life and in school following in their footsteps. Whatever the issue, Jessica can help. She's such an idea person.
I keep coming back because Jessica just overflows with authenticity.
The MD sent the ER Charge Nurse my recommendations for acute admission with medical justification and refeeding protocol. I am so pleased to have better patient care. Thank you for letting me text my freakout. I am so thankful for you.
I've learned more about boundaries from you than anyone else in my life.
Thank you SO much for the fabulous information, advice, and resources you provided in Eating Disorders Boot Camp. Amazing!
This book is packed with so much useful information that will save RDNs countless time and headaches. And I loved reading it! I almost missed my stop on the train.
I'm very grateful for the information you've shared. Eating Disorders Boot Camp is such a valuable resource for RDs.
The Pocket Guide is worth its weight in gold!
I'm always so proud to tell people you're my supervisor. I'm proud to be trained by the very best!
Jessica is an excellent public speaker, even in the toughest of crowds.
Beyond grateful and lucky to be supervised by Jessica. Her schedule is flexible and she takes the time to listen and provide guidance. It never feels rushed which is so nice. I'm more confident in my work and it's great knowing I have Jessica's support.
I'm quite enjoying the book… I was howling in outrage on your behalf when reading about your payment snafus!
I'm working my way through the ED Bootcamp and have absolutely been loving it. I've already been able to apply some of what I've been learning from you in my patient care!
Always enjoyable! Wealth of knowledge, ability to create metaphors is very helpful. Information can be applied now and with future clients.
There have been soooo many times I have felt inadequate as an ED RDN. But today I felt soooo adequate. Had an exchange with a patient that just completely reinforced our supervision from yesterday!
Jessica's amazing in the way she relates to a wide range of people on campus, from students to staff. Her energy, passion and knowledge creates a perfect package
My client said in session "I just feel like I don't deserve to eat..." and I was thinking YES I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE READY FOR THIS COMMENT IN MY LIFE! I pulled out all the ACT, opposite action, and "also" statements. What ironic timing. Such a helpful session today thank you again!
Jessica has the gift of teaching. EXCELLENT! Engaging, relatable and funny, but oh so helpful.