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Jessica Setnick MS, RD, CEDRD-S
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Jessica Setnick

What Health Professionals and Dietitians are saying about Understanding Nutrition...

Thanks for all the coaching and helping me connect the dots.
Eating Disorders Boot Camp helps so many dietitians help so many more people.
I appreciate that I can be human with you!
Your guidance is always so grounding. Our connection is invaluable to me
Your expertise is inspiring and your presence is a joy!
That is the best answer I've ever heard to that question
I feel like our supervision sessions are mini bootcamps!
I've learned more about boundaries from you than anyone else in my life.
Jessica is an excellent public speaker, even in the toughest of crowds.
You absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark and the evaluations reflect that
You are amazing. What a gift you gave the students
I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to support me. Tremendous!
I love the Eating Disorder Boot Camp handouts!!!
An amazing public speaker. A great speaker. One in a million.
Supervision has helped me trust my clinical judgement MUCH more.
I keep coming back because Jessica just overflows with authenticity.
So many professionals will benefit from this book!
Jessica makes it look so easy. Best presenter ever.