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The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide: Quick Reference for Healthcare Providers, Second Edition

The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide is a goldmine of tables, advice, and guidelines for doctors, nurses, dietitians and counselors in every area of practice. NOW UPDATED to include the new DSM-5 Eating Disorder Diagnostic Criteria.






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The original Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide sold thousands of copies through Word of Mouth alone! Now the easy to reference goldmine of tables, advice, and guidelines is Revised and Updated to include more of what you love, plus the new DSM-5 eating disorder diagnostic criteria and ICD-10 codes. Other updates: more on athletes with eating disorders, compulsive exercise, bariatric surgery, diabulimia, and other recent developments.

Appropriate for those who specialize in eating disorders, but especially for those who don't, and spectacular for students and interns interested in the field; The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide combines the most up to date references on eating disorders with specialized info you can't get anywhere else. Sections include:

  • Diagnostic criteria as well as criteria for each level of care;
  • ICD-10 codes;
  • Assessment guidelines and sample assessment questions;
  • Physical signs, medical concerns, and which labs to assess;
  • Healthy weight guidelines and guidelines for recommending weight gain, loss, and maintenance;
  • Meal planning guidelines for each eating disorder;
  • Enteral feeding guidelines and labs to prevent and monitor refeeding syndrome;
  • Criteria for referral to mental health, nutrition, medical care, and/or more intense treatment;
  • Resources for professionals and for family members, including recommended books and websites;
  • Eating disorders in special scenarios such as bariatric surgery, diabetes, and athletes;
  • Plus comprehensive detail on additional eating disorders and nutrition topics.

Information is geared in a way that any health professional can utilize, whether experienced or brand new to eating disorders care. The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide summarizes the best and most practical data from a whole shelf of eating disorders books into an easy-to-use format. Find what you need at a moment's notice. Sturdy construction will stand up to daily use.

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