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Eating Disorders Boot Camp: NEXT GENERATION Live Zoom Workshop

Eating Disorders Boot Camp: NEXT GENERATION is coming to a device near you! Please scroll down for details.

[If you are looking for the Eating Disorders Boot Camp Home-Study Package, click here.] 


If you are registering a group of participants, if you need a purchase order or invoice, if you want to pay by check or if you prefer to register by phone, please email Celena at info@UnderstandingNutrition.com or call 214-503-7100. She can also make arrangements for you to pay your registration fee in installments and reserve your place with a partial payment.

EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION is the premier training workshop to bridge the gap between academic research and the practical tools you need right now to help your patients and clients. 

Unlike typical conference sessions where the topic is totally pre-planned and only a few minutes are set aside for questions, EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION provides a truly interactive framework in which the needs of the participants always direct the course.

Every EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION is different, and topics are determined by the areas of practice and specific concerns brought forward by attendees.

Whether you have been in practice a short time or many years, if you spend your day helping individuals with dysfunctional eating (and who doesn't?) then EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION is for you. 

If you need a confidence boost, an update on the latest and greatest, confirmation that you're "doing it right," or the nuts and bolts of eating disorder treatment, reserve your spot in one of the upcoming locations for the most comprehensive and practical workshop you will attend.

What your colleagues have said about EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION:

"I don't know how she made the time speed by like that, but Jessica's enthusiasm and great ideas had me engaged and invested from minute one... and after a day and a half, I didn't want it to end!"

"I don't know how I did my job before this workshop. I can tell I'll be doing it a LOT better now."

"Before I got here I worried that it was a big investment of time and money. But the tools I learned and the boundary advice are priceless. It would still be worth it for twice the price."

The October EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION workshop that was scheduled to be held at Balance Eating Disorder Treatment Center is now going to be live on Zoom. The schedule is 9am-4pm Central Time on Friday, November 6th and 9am-noon Central Time on Saturday, November 7th.

Registration includes:

Both the live EATING DISORDERS BOOT CAMP: NEXT GENERATION workshop AND access to the recording in case you need to step out at any point or listen again for any reason - either on your phone or computer, whichever you prefer;

Access to the private NEXT GENERATION online workshop space where you will be able to view, download and print all slides, articles, handouts and resources discussed in the workshop;

One and a half days of PERSONAL attention from Jessica on exactly what you need to learn about;

A Certificate of Completion (all professions) and 
9 Type 171 (Live Teleseminar) Continuing Education Credits for CDR-Credentialed Professionals (RDNs and DTRs);

Both of Jessica's eating disorders pocket guides - The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide, Second Edition and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Eating Disorders, Second Edition

ADDITIONALLY, you will receive links to the Original Eating Disorders Boot Camp Home-Study Course recording AND Advanced Eating Disorders Boot Camp, as well as access to all the slides, handouts and other materials from those courses, at no additional charge. Listening to these workshops prior to your live phone workshop is not required but is recommended as many of the topics in the NEXT GENERATION Boot Camp build on concepts introduced in these previous workshops. *Note: If you are a CDR-credentialed professional (RDN or DTR) and would like to receive Continuing Education Credit for listening to one or both of these two workshops (10 for Eating Disorders Boot Camp/13 for Advanced Boot Camp), please submit the corresponding Affidavits of Completion prior to the live workshop date.

After you register, you will receive links to the additional materials, and the two books will be sent to you via mail. Information for connecting to the live workshop will be sent closer to the workshop date.

If you have any questions or would like to pay in installments, please contact Celena at info@UnderstandingNutrition.com.

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