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Eating Disorders Boot Camp Home-Study Course!

Order Eating Disorders Boot Camp today to receive the world's best-selling eating disorder treatment training course!

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Welcome to Eating Disorders Boot Camp!


It's time for you to experience the one and only, the most Comprehensive Eating Disorder Training Course that has been loved by hundreds of dietitians and others around the world... Now Updated to include the changes to the new Eating Disorders Diagnostic Criteria.



This package includes everything that Eating Disorders Boot Camp has to offer, PLUS extra features added for the first time.



Place your order today and you'll receive:



9 audio hours of Jessica's Best Eating Disorder Treatment Tips and Techniques that you will Learn, Love, and Listen to again and again! Topics include Eating, Weight & Physical Actvity; Encouraging Behavior Change Tools & Strategies; Medical Issues & Possible Complications; Struggles & Special Concerns; Professional Issues & Working with a Team; and NOW for the first time, The Eating Disorders Boot Camp DSM-5 Update CD - Jessica's review of the changes to Eating Disorders Diagnostic Criteria and her Personal Thoughts on the DSM-5. (Spoiler alert: It's not a glowing review!)



    A CD-ROM containing over 70 pages of Eating Disorders Boot Camp Materials, including the slides from the original Boot Camp, the articles Jessica constantly refers to, patient educational handouts and more!



The Highlight that sets Eating Disorders Boot Camp apart from any other Home-Study Course in the world... 30 minutes on the phone with Jessica... to ask questions and receive personal advice! And P.S. this serves as the interactive portion required for Continuing Education Credit... that means NO EXAM!



A Certificate of Completion providing 10 hours of Continuing Education Credit for dietitians and dietetic technicians and which ALSO initiates you into a Select Group eligible to sign up for future Supervision and Professional Coaching with Jessica (Jessica ONLY coaches Graduates of Eating Disorders Boot Camp)!






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