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  • Professional Consultation, Coaching and Supervision

    Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Jessica to discuss professional issues, challenging patient care situations, career or speaking goals or to work toward your CEDRD.

    Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes and the agenda is up to you.

    Meet in person, over the phone or video chat, whichever you prefer.

    Sessions are available individually or in packages and can be used weekly, monthly, or at your convenience. Sessions are discounted when purchased in packages, and payment plans are available by contacting Celena@UnderstandingNutrition.com before you purchase.

    Jessica is a Certified CEDRD Supervisor, so all sessions count toward CEDRD Certification. Certification requires a minimum of 21 supervision sessions. Purchase the 21 session package if you are starting the supervision process or purchase a smaller package if you have already acquired other supervision hours, or if you plan to continue supervision beyond your required minimum.

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